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What you need to know to become an RV Service Technician Candidate.

Knowledge Requirements

RV Service Technician Candidate

The RV Service Technician Certification Candidate is the first level on the RV Service Technician Career Ladder . The candidate level is an orientation to the career and provides an overview of the different types of RV equipment a technician works on and the skills required to do so. By achieving the candidate certificate you will demonstrate to prospective employers that you are familiar with the industry, the career, the skill sets required and are ready and willing to acquire the needed skills and knowledge to move up to the next level.

The index below details the information you must know to successfully complete the RV Service Technician Certification Candidate Test. You may study the material in any order or simply follow the links at the page end to follow through all of the information in the outline order.


Identify RV types

  • Truck Camper
  • Folding Camping Trailer
  • Travel Trailer
  • Hybrid Trailers
  • Sport Utility Trailer
  • Fifth-Wheel Trailer
  • Motorhome (class A,B,C)


  • Identify breakaway switch and describe its function
  • Locate, read and understand tire markings
  • Demonstrate ability to properly torque lug nuts
  • Understand basic operation of equalizer and anti-sway systems
  • Identify the 5 classes of ball hitches
  • Identify a fifth wheel hitch and the weight ratings of the pin box
  • Demonstrate the attachment of a trailer to a tow vehicle


Identify from the exterior:

  • Refrigerator Vents
  • Water Heater Location
  • Furnace Location
  • Potable Water Fill (gravity and city water)
  • Holding Tank Termination Valve(s)
  • Air Conditioners
  • Satellite Dish
  • Break-away Switch
  • House Battery(ies)
  • Certification Label
  • Weight Label
  • Tire Placard
  • Propane Container(s)
  • Electrical Power Cord Hatch
  • Fuel Fills
  • Compartment Storage Doors
  • Generator Locations
  • Stabilizing Jacks
  • Expandable Rooms
  • Trailer Connections


  • GVWR
  • GAWR
  • GCWR
  • UVW
  • VIN
  • CCC
  • OCCC


Locate and identify each appliance

  • Air Conditioner
  • Furnace
  • Range
  • Range hood
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Water Heater
  • Light and fan
  • Generator

Electrical 12 VDC

  • Battery Disconnect Switch (MH)
  • Light and Fan Operation
  • Range Hood Operation
  • Power Converter

Electrical 120VAC

  • Distribution Panelboard
  • Describe the purpose of a GFCI device
  • Identify GFCI receptacles and or breakers


  • Locate and identify the water pump
  • Locate and operate toilet
  • Demonstrate how to drain a water heater
  • Demonstrate how to drain a water storage tank
  • Demonstrate how to drain a waste water system